NEXT (National Exit Test) MBBS Licensing Exam of India

NEXT (National Exit Test) is licensing exam which is compulsory for all those students who study MBBS. This exam will be implemented from 2022. It will be a single-window examination that replaces NEET-PG and FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination).

This exam is compulsory for all Indian and foreign medical graduates. Students who will pass this licensing exam will start their internship. Score (RANK) in this exam will also use to allot PG course seats like MD, MS, DNB, Etc. Sore of this exam will assist students to get PG courses seats in government and private colleges of India.

It will standardize the medical education of India. It will judge the conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills of the final year MBBS students.

NEXT Exam Pattern

This Exam will be divided into two parts: NEXT-1 (Theory) and NEXT 2 practical. In the NEXT 1 Theory Exam students need to answer multiple-choice questions (MCQs). This exam will be conducted for students after completing their MBBS and before starting their internship. Students who clear their NEXT 1 exam can start their internship. After completing their internship students need to appear for the NEXT 2 practical test, separately at the end of the internship.

It will be a pass/fail type of exam. Marks of NEXT-2 will be contributed to PG seat allocation. Thus NEXT-1 will be a qualifying as well as the competitive exam. There will be unlimited attempts in this exam. Whereas score of NEXT-1 exam will be valid for 2 to 3 years for PG Entrance ranking.

(National Exit Test)

NEXT Syllabus

All 19 subjects of the MCI curriculum will be included in this exam. But there will be a possibility of drastically change in subject-wise marks distribution than what was in the NEET-PG and MCI screening test/FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination). The clinical subjects will carry disproportionately more marks than pre and para-clinical subjects.

As per the proposal which was discussed in a meeting with the board of governors NMC (National Medical Commission), there might be a NEXT-1 exam pattern

Major SubjectAllied SubjectNo. of Ques.Minor SubjectNo. of Ques.Total No. Ques
MedicineDermatology, Psychiatry120Pediatrics60180
SurgeryOrthopedics, Anesthesia120ENT60180
Obstetrics & GynecologyRadiology120Opthalmology60180
Total No. of Questions 360180540

From all 540 MCQ’s type Questions

·        10% Questions from each stream will be from basic applied science such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, microbiology, pathology & Pharmacology.

·        10% of questions of the exam will be from preventive & social medicine.

Sections of Question paper

·        60% will be problem-solving

·        30% comprehension & analysis

·        10% recall

All the above information is a proposal which was discussed. The official announcement on the Indian medical licensing exam NEXT (National Exit Test) question paper pattern is yet to come from NMC (National Medical Commission), NBE (National Board of Examination), or NTA (National Testing Agency).

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